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The culture of cooperation in the region Bayerischer Untermain is reflected by the cooperation of companies as well. The public partner provides target-oriented support for the construction of an economic network. Objectives of this cooperation are the preservation and creation of new workplaces, the increase of innovative activities of the companies, the creation of synergies as well as the profile development of the companies and thereby of the region by means of specialist subjects. To date there are four focussed fields of expertise acting on the basis of the existing strong points of the economic structure.

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    Mechatronik & Automation

    The field of measuring, controlling and regulation is a traditional core competence in the Bayerischer Untermain region which initiated the development of further key competences in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, automation, calibration and medical technology. The field of expertise "Mechatronics & Automation" comprises more than 20,000 employees in the region Bayerischer Untermain.

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    The Bavarian part of the Rhein-Main region provides excellent locational conditions for logistics activities. Special features are the proximity to the airport of Frankfurt, the Bavarian port Aschaffenburg as logistics centre with trimodal equipment and scheduled container services to the ARA ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam), a wide range of logistics service providers as well as a proper logistics laboratory at the college of higher education of Aschaffenburg.

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    There is an impressive list of suppliers despite the total lack of automotive manufacturers in the region Bayerischer Untermain. More than 50 companies with more than 10,000 employees carry out their work in the field of vehicles.

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    A heterogeneous IT community exists in the region Bayerischer Untermain, which has created an independent platform for regional cooperation with the IT network Bayerischer Untermain.

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    Electric Mobility

    Products and services from the branch of electric mobility have been developed for several years now with success by companies in the region Bayerischer Untermain and the college for higher education Aschaffenburg. The competence network "KompetenzNetz Elektromobilität" for electric mobility pools this knowhow for the first time and expands the profile of the region as location of electric mobility activities.