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Popular Residential Location


The city of Aschaffenburg scores with a high value of living comfort and free time activities which has been already proven several times by means of surveys.

Aschaffenburg provides various recreational possibilities on its 196ha of green spaces inside of the city. The close-by Spessart as the largest entirely connected woodland of Germany is a symbol of tranquillity and rural idyll. At the same time, the metropolitan region of FrankfurtRheinMain ensures the atmosphere of a big city and an urban-type offer of free time activities. These two components turn the residential location Aschaffenburg into an attractive place to live, in particular for young families.

In addition to this, Aschaffenburg provides an appealing theatre and arts & culture programme. The conviviality of Aschaffenburg is moreover noticeable by the number of pubs per inhabitant which is clearly above average.


Living and working is safe in Aschaffenburg. The proportion of crimes is at a low level calculated at 82 recorded crimes per each 1,000 inhabitants (2007). Bavaria in general is one of the safest Federal states of Germany, having a comparably low crime rate and a reduced risk of poverty.